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“I am doing it for the thrill, for that feeling of danger and freedom.
This is my way of expressing myself…
We set ourselves limits, but we are all strong enough to aim higher, to achieve our goals.
All we have to do is find such within ourselves.
Know how to develop it….........”
Alain Robert (French Spider-man)
 (Taken from Xtremesport4u.com; Written by Lola Jones; Sept 29 2009).

Ok,.....I admit it, I confess!  I haven't written a blog since July; which to me is significant. One of the goals I set myself when I created my website, was to maintain monthly blogs.  It keeps my website active and I like to think that the topics been displayed will evoke interest and encourage discourse.
So how come I haven't written any blogs recently?
I may be defensive in my response and say that "I'm a busy woman and I have other important things to do"; or I could explain that sometimes finding the motivation to do particular activities or duties can be quite challenging. However, today, I have found the motivation to write about something....How did this come about?  Was it something inside of me (intrinsic) that was the driving force, that willed me to start writing?  Or was it something outside of me (extrinsic), a reward of some sort that pushed me? (PAUSE).
......A couple of hours later......
(RESUME)....Even more interesting, however, was monitoring how my motivation undulated throughout my attempts to write this piece.   If you notice at the end of the previous paragraph, we end with the word PAUSE; and begin this paragraph, with the word  RESUME.  This illustrates, that whilst writing this piece my motivation had waned...why?.... The simple answer is because I had been distracted by something more interesting.  The very fact that I allowed myself to be distracted in the first place surely speaks volumes!  We could argue that, if I had  been truly committed and focused, I wouldn't allow for any distractions.  I'm sure the French spider-man, Alain Roberts, wouldn't  have been distracted that easily!
As a therapist I have worked with clients that have come to therapy for a variety of reasons. Lacking motivation is an area that concerned some to such an extent, that it resulted in amplyfying other behaviours, such as anxieties, panic attacks, drug abuse and isolation to name but a few.  When I'm asked " what can I do to motivate myself?", as  a therapist I can't really answer that question, because it could be defined as giving advice...and we all know that therapy is not about giving advice.  However, equally important  is the idea that as humans, although we may share similarities, we also have differences, thus, what motivates me, won't necessarily motivate the masses.  Therapy involves the client and the therapist working together, openly and honestly, providing a comfortable, confidential space where thoughts and feelings are spoken, listened to and explored.  Counselling and Psychotherapy is an extremely valuable resource toward discovery of self.  When we are given the opportunity to truly explore ourselves, we also get the opportunity to discover novel things about ourselves....even things that motivate us.

What motivates you?
Your thoughts and responses are welcome.

12 Comments to Motivation:

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rex on 24 October 2011 18:03
The loneliness of the long-distance blogger.... Sometimes writing a blog feels like you're shouting into the wind and no-one can hear you. Maybe if you had a way of people following your blog by getting alerts when you posted something new, it could help people come back to the site. I haven't visited your blog for well over 6 months, and I only did because I was re-reading comments on my blog - specifically the one at http://www.wickham.eu/blog/2010/11/two-monitors-are-better-than-one/ Anyway not sure what my point is here, but my motivation for writing a blog at wickham.eu is for myself - whether anyone else looks at it or not I don't care. So I'll often post just a picture and a comment. Nothing earth shattering, and probably the moment would be forgotten about in 12 months. Now I look back at the posts and it triggers a memory into something more. So keep it going please!
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Antoinette on 03 November 2011 17:35
Thanks for your comments Rex, really appreciated. I'm currently working on fine-tuning the alerts for my blogs, so watch this space. I visited your blog at www.wickham.eu recently and love the different techniques that you are using, i.e. pictures, jokes etc. Maybe at times, I am taking my blogs to seriously and feel that I have to talk about specific issues relating to the counselling/psychotherapy field. Your blog showed me that I don't always have to write a dissertation. My recent blog on "Motivation" and "To live", I think, capture a lighthearted side of looking at serious issues...what do you think? Thanks for keeping me motivated and again thanks for your comments, they are always welcome.

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I am doing it for the thrill, for that feeling of danger and freedom.
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I am doing it for the thrill, for that feeling of danger and freedom.
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