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"Thank you and goodbye".......
will be the headline on the front cover of the News of The World newspaper.  The News of The World, founded in 1843, will cease publication on 10th July 2011.  To be fair 168 years of reporting the news is momentous in itself, however, it is clear that their moral code/ethical stance in their bid to have a "scoop," has definitely been the catalyst for its demise; The News of the World has come to an end.
It's interesting how endings take form, some are forced upon us, other endings are a shock/surprise, whereas, some endings can be a gradual slow process.  As mentioned above, in the case of The News of the World, its end was due to its unsavoury conduct.
Endings are particularly significant in psychotherapy and counselling because it illustrates, that the client who arrived into therapy feeling distressed is  now able to leave feeling more comfortable and more aware of themselves and their processes.  One of the most rewarding aspects for me being a therapist is hearing a client tell me that they are ready to end therapy, they are ready to go it alone and to fend for themselves; it simply demonstrates the client that was once so fragmented, isolated and lost is now  more complete, connected and empowered.
Interestingly, the year so far has made me  look at some of the endings that I've experienced on a personal and professional level.  Although these endings have worked for me positively and negatively, causing me to feel elated, validated, frustrated and agitated, I can tell you confidently and congruently that they have enabled me to learn and to grow.
So to conclude, endings can be painful, sudden, scary, fun and exciting....but I also like to think (being the eternal optimist that I am) that we need to experience  different endings so that we can learn to understand other aspects of ourselves, as well as, start to forge new beginnings. 
Like they say: "When one door closes another one opens".
Your thoughts are welcome.